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Quality Management System

What does the Quality Department do at GPIS


We are focused on a culture of continual improvement.


The BSI Assessment Reports

"The BSI November 2020 Assessment Report noted that: “The School has an effective QMS and fully engaged approach to continual improvement.” Moreover, the report stated that: “The School has an effective internal audit and management review process.”

"The BSI May 2022 Assessment Report highlighted that the “Strengths captured in this assessment visit include: The great top management commitment and support to the QMS, leadership approach in different functions, comprehensive educational process planning, high personnel competency of the teaching staff and a dedicated quality team who demonstrated high level of system accountability and leadership.” 


Thank You Form

Positive feedback boosts motivation and helps maintain excellent performance. To express thanks and gratitude to any staff member, send it through 

 Thank You Form.


Requests Form

For parent requests (such as: setting appointments, medical notifications, drop off/pick-ups, lost items…etc.) to be directly addressed by the responsible personnel and to speed up the feedback process, send the request through  Request Form.


Feedback/Complaints FormIn our efforts to maintain continuous development, our doors are always open to all our parents’ concerns, suggestions, feedback and complaints. In order to document and track them all, we receive them through

  Feedback & Complaint Form.