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Our Mission and Strategic Objectives


GPIS aims to contribute to making the world a better place by providing a distinctive high-quality IB continuum education in English and in French. 
This inclusive education is conceptual, inquiry-based and learner-centered to enhance curiosity, intercultural understanding and respect, while fostering the learners’ feeling of belonging to their culture and mother tongue.

GPIS promotes learner agency, self-efficacy, global citizenship and responsible actions.

GPIS equips its community members with the necessary skills to become independent, passionate, lifelong learners and problem-solvers who can successfully lead initiatives to improve the environment and to develop the local and international community.

GPIS community members are committed to continuously ensure quality by meeting the international standards, improve their performance and develop their profile to reach excellence.                                 

GPIS creates one family culture that enables its members to learn collaboratively towards a unified mission in an atmosphere of genuine satisfaction, care and love.

GPIS Strategic Objectives

The school leadership team develops annual and 5 year strategic plans through a strategic planning framework that is based on four strategic goals (DISC) as explained underneath:

The objectives are divided into sub-objectives of which the ownership is distributed among owners from the school leadership team.