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Well-being is the state of feeling good and performing well in your life.

At Green Land Pré Vert International School, we go beyond academics; we care for our family members’ socio-emotional well-being.


At GPIS, we have a dedicated team for students’ well-being. This team consists of Counselors, Assistant Counselors, Psychologist, Student Development Coordinator, Student Development Leader & Special Educational Needs (SEN) Leader. They deal with day-to-day resolutions and the enhancement of the general student behavior. The well-being team is regularly there for consulting and continual development of our students’ well-being.

GPIS implements a school-wide approach of Positive Discipline in the classroom

Thirty of our pedagogical and administrative teams are certified educators in Positive Discipline in the Classroom by participating in workshops facilitated by a trainer from the Positive Discipline Association. Those educators facilitated workshops to all our GPIS staff members. The Positive Discipline training our staff has received is aimed at developing mutually respectful relationships. Positive Discipline enables teachers and admins to apply kindness and firmness together at the same time.

Meet our counselors

Rabab Mazloum - PYP School Counselor

I am Rabab Mazloum, the PYP School Counselor. I studied Arts of Psychology at Cairo University. I am a certified Psychologist with 14 years of experience in the field of education, working in reputable international schools. Through out my career, I have been leading and creating character education programs. I am also certified in applying Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), behavior modification, emotional regulation, and relaxation techniques. Additionally, I have obtained my certification in Positive Discipline from the Positive Discipline American Association.

I am proud to be the founder of "Happinessta" for Wellbeing and mental health. This project was one of my successful endeavors while working on 'Teacher Led Development Work' at Cambridge University. I am passionate about conducting professional workshops for teachers and promoting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). I firmly believe that ....

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