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Green Land Pré Vert International School is considered an IB continuum school, since we offer three of the IB core programmes of education. This ensures the alignment and consistency in the approach to teaching and learning, across the three programmes. 

Students who benefit the most are the ones who experience the full IB educational and character-building learning journey, starting from the PYP Early Years, until graduating from the Diploma Program.

Primary Years

IB Years Grade
PYP  1  Pre -KG
PYP  2 KG1
PYP  3 KG2
PYP   4  Grade 1
PYP  5  Grade 2
PYP   6 Grade 3
PYP   7 Grade 4
PYP   8 Grade 5

Middle Years

IB Years Grade
MYP  1     Grade 6 
MYP  2    Grade 7 
MYP  3    Grade 8 
MYP  4    Grade 9 
MYP  5      Grade 10    


IB Years Grade
DP 1 Grade 11
DP 2 Grade 12






GPIS IB Continuum Committee was formed to ensure our students’ successful transition between programmes.

The committee is led by the chairman & the schools principals and is composed of a team of educators from the three programmes.
The committee meets bi-monthly to continually review and align criteria of assessment  as well as teaching and learning practices.