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Student Projects

At Green Land Pré Vert International School we aim to enhance curiosity, intercultural understanding and respect, while fostering our students’ feeling of belonging to their culture and mother tongue, as well as promoting learner agency, self-efficacy and responsible actions.


MYP 4 Students are encouraged to engage into in-depth inquiry of the favorable qualities  in the holy books that God loves to prevail and spread in our society. (Perfection in actions -  Patience - Self Appraisal - Confidence - Justice - Purity - Repentance)

In the process, they develop an understanding of the interrelationship between all the qualities and relate them to the IB learner profile attributes. Moreover, students compare the interpretations of the qualities in different cultures and choose historical and contemporary figures from diverse cultures to project the qualities on.

With all the learning that takes place, students become in a good position to understand the potential problems that might occur if society members behave in contradiction to those qualities. In conclusion, students make recommendations to solve those problems with good deeds and behaviors, so that the qualities that Allah loves prevail and spread in our society.

Project Benefits

  • Equipping students with the necessary skills that prepare them for the MYP-PEI 5 Personal Project and DP extended essay.
  • Enabling students to develop their reflection skills through continual self-assessment in relation to the qualities.
  • Developing the student's leadership skills and self-efficacy, in alignment with the IB learner profile attributes and in pursuit of excellence.
  • Empowering students to practice the qualities in their daily lives in an effort to make the world a better place.
  • Training students on successful leadership principles and skills, enabling them to lead good deeds initiatives.

GPIS equips its community members with the necessary skills to become independent, passionate, lifelong learners and problem-solvers who can successfully lead initiatives, to improve the environment and to develop the local and international community.


Consists of four projects, led by the Chairman, where MYP students apply to join. The process of screening takes place through interviews according to preset criteria of selection. The selected students then work on their projects with the Chairman and his team.

MYP Chairman Projects SY 22-23

GPIS student internship program aims to benefit our students and offer them opportunities to explore the business world, as well as put into practice the skills they learn at school.

Student Summer Internship Program

The internship program is a summer program that requires applicants to undertake placements within GPIS and other reputable organizations, to apply theoretical learning in a practical, real-world environment.

Examples of the entities with which we have collaborated:

The Four Seasons
Auntie Anne’s
Khanet El-Fonoon