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GPIS family includes a large community of skilled practitioners who are on a never-ending journey of continual professional development. This community includes a group of IBEN network of educators who are trusted by the IBO to improve the quality of the IB education worldwide.


Noureen Khaled

I have been a part of GPIS community for 12 years. I am offered a supportive and inclusive environment that enables personal and professional development. 

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Ahmed Abdel Kader

Being an employee in GPIS makes you part of its family with all the support, love and care. I am glad that I am part of this family and an employee in such reputable organization

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Yasmine Tag

My journey at GPIS has started 13 years ago. Since the moment I was hired, I felt like part of a family. The school has a unique environment of genuine love, care and support that fosters the growth of all its members

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Sally Shaaban

GPIS is a big family. What makes me proud to be part of this great community is to rub shoulders with exceptional colleagues on a human and professional level, to work in a serene and pleasant atmosphere without forgetting the availability of managers, the speed of their responsiveness and their openness to exchange and communication.

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Jennifer Bouillrad

GPIS represents, in my opinion, the progress of education. The climate of listening and understanding allows you to fully flourish in the teaching profession.

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Menna Maher

Working at GPIS has provided me with a wide range of professional experiences. Since day one, I've been empowered, and I've received support for my professional advancement.

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Maggie Sameh

GPIS is a safe, positive and collaborative environment in which educators feel supported and equipped to change lives.

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Sara Nour

I have been a member of this beautiful community for twelve years now; a third of my life. A school has the privilege, power and awesome responsibility to shape young minds during their formative years.

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