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At Green Land Pré Vert International School, we believe that parents are integral partners in the students socio-emotional and academic learning journey. We value parents' involvement and encourage their feedback. 


GPIS encourages parents’ involvement in students’ school life. This is demonstrated through the yearly orientation sessions; where parents get to be introduced to each academic level, the IBO System, the school rules and regulations and get a chance to discuss any inquiries they have with the department Heads. On the other hand, GPIS fosters a learning environment where parents have a chance to share their knowledge and expertise among other parents through various workshops and online sessions. Students also benefit from such exposure through in-class presentations by volunteering parents from a wide range of professions.


Parents' Association

Parents have a key supportive role to play in assisting the school to fulfill its mission and objectives and to ensure continuous development.The Parents’ Association: 

  • allows parents to know more about the school’s system and any updates;
  • is an excellent forum of communication and a basis for partnership between parents and GPIS;
  • gives room for class representatives to voice all parents’ general views/concerns/suggestions as school partners and key stakeholders.



Here are some of our valued parents , highlighting their positive experiences and insights.

I would like to thank you and to express our appreciation and gratitude to GPIS School. You always manage to bring the best out of my daughter. Thanks for doing your best, thanks for the excellent dedication to our kids. 

Mr. Mohamed Atallah

For us, you are not just a school; you are a second home and a second family. I want to thank you for all the efforts that you make. I am grateful to you for always going out of your way and ensuring that the students are learning and offering all those opportunities. We are all so very thankful to all of our school management team.

Ms. Hagar Mansour

Thank you for all your efforts this year on every front. Proud to belong to GPIS and appreciate all that you are doing to make it a school that strives for excellence.

Ms. Nevine Baligh

Thank you GPIS for sharing joyful moments with our children.

Ms. Esraa Tarek


GPIS MOM .. A life time Teacher

Parents Workshop