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Community Development

Based on Green Land Pré Vert International School's mission to make the world  a better place and as part of its social responsibility initiatives, GEF-EGYPT signed a protocol with the Ministry of Education and the IBO in 2014 to start a pilot project of implementing the IB education in governmental schools at affordable fees. Inclusion of the visually impaired in such schools is a key strategic direction. GPIS continues its role in sponsoring and supervising the implementation of the IB system in those schools.

Egyptian International School - EIS5th Settlement 

Egyptian International School -EIS Zayed

EIS Zayed


EIS receives around 700 PYP applicants yearly, so GPIS & EIS teachers conduct the interviews in parallel. EIS teachers receive ongoing inset IB training sessions conducted by the GPIS staff, they plan with them & visit their classes to ensure the implementation of the program. The EIS teachers visit the parallel classes to observe PYP teaching approaches.


In the DP years, students have to choose their combination of subjects to study, which was a challenge to manage with EIS, as the resources were limited & the students were hesitant in selecting the subjects. Hiring teachers  that are capable of teaching the DP subjects such as Economics &  Business, was a challenge. This was overcome by delivering mass & one to one training & professional development for the EIS DP teachers. GPIS DP teachers support EIS teachers in their ongoing work of content delivery, exam preparation & internal assessment submissions.



EIS teachers have corresponding subject mentors from GPIS to coordinate their meetings for continuous professional development.
Part of the MYP students’ learning experiences is the Personal Project, which is their graduation project as it presents the acquired skills gained through the MYP. EIS teachers & students were trained by GPIS staff to work on those Projects. MYP 5 students participated in the IB project Generation IB, 2 projects were selected among the best & were presented in the IB global conference, Vienna 2018.


Success Indicators

  • EIS Zayed got accreditations for the 3 IB programs 
  • EIS Zayed & EIS Fifth settlement got accredited for BN ES ISO 9001:2015 from BSI-UK
  • BSI quality audit reports 
  • 2022 should be the promotion of the first DP students worldwide graduating from a governmental school
  • Successful PYP exhibitions, MYP personal projects, DP extended essays & CAS activities by EIS students
  • Receiving around 10 multiples of the available vacancies as applicants
  • Great EIS reputation reflected through social media & recommending it to others

Academic Support

EIS teachers have to be hired through the MOE. Hence, GPIS staff interview potential teachers &assess them according to IB criteria then IB professional development is provided for the hired teachers GPIS staff contribute to support the teaching & learning journey of the EIS community as they are trained & coached to be able to do their duties, and GPIS coordinators support EIS ones in the documentation throughout the process.